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Egg Cartons

12-Egg Plastic Egg Carton

12-Egg Plastic Egg Carton

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Overview of Our 12-Egg Plastic Egg Cartons:

Proudly crafted from BPA-free RPET plastic sourced from recycled materials, our cartons are not just eco-friendly but also 100% recyclable.

  • Designed to securely store a dozen eggs in a 4x3 bi-fold configuration.

Label Information:

  • Comes without any pre-applied labels, offering a blank canvas for customization.

Dimensions (All measurements taken with precision up to the nearest 1/4 inch):

  • Ideal for a range of chicken eggs from small to extra-large, weighing between 43-63g.
  • Overall Carton Size (Length x Width): 8.00" x 6.00"
  • Individual Egg Pocket Size (Width x Height): 1.75" x 2.75"
  • Potential Area for Label Application (Length x Width): 5.75" x 4.00"
  • Carton's total weight: 1.20 ounces

Our Measurement Protocol:

Delve into the meticulous methods we employ to gauge our premium egg cartons.

Alternative Uses for Our Vintage Plastic Egg Carton:

  • Fizzing Bath Bombs
  • Fresh-from-the-Oven Delights
  • Luscious Cupcakes
  • Ambient Candle Holders
  • And a plethora of creative endeavors!

Our plastic vintage egg cartons offer more than just storage; they're versatile and adaptable for a range of applications.

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