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Egg Cartons

12-Egg Vintage Pulp Carton

12-Egg Vintage Pulp Carton

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Key Insights on Our Classic Egg Cartons

Crafted from sustainable pulp and entirely eco-friendly, these egg cartons can be recycled after use.

  • Can accommodate 12 eggs in a 3X4 cell design, exuding a natural vintage charm.

Print Details:

  • Top: Blank
  • In-lid: Blank
  • Front: Blank
  • Back: Blank

Dimensions (All figures are approximated to the nearest 1/4 inch):

  • Suitable for small to large chicken eggs (43-57g)
  • Overall Size (Length x Width): 7.75" x 6.00"
  • Individual Cell Size (Width x Height): 1.75" x 2.50"
  • Labeling Space Available (Length x Width): 6.75" x 5.25"
  • Weight of the Carton: 2.20 ounces

Measuring Approach for Classic Egg Cartons:

Discover the method we use to measure our distinctive vintage egg cartons.

Alternate Applications:

  • Scented Bath Bombs
  • Assorted Baked Delicacies
  • Mouthwatering Cupcakes
  • Fragrant Candles
  • And much more!

Tips for Effortlessly Separating Classic Egg Cartons:

  • De-Nesting Advice: If separating the vintage egg cartons feels challenging, start by disentangling them in sets of 5-10 before handling them one by one.
  • The most effective method involves a gentle shaking motion, avoiding excessive pulling.
  • Hold from the carton's base and the supporting columns, shaking gently, rather than holding from the sides or the opening flap.

Remember, proper handling ensures the longevity and quality of these cartons.

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