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Egg Cartons

Flat-Top Pulp Carton for 12 Eggs

Flat-Top Pulp Carton for 12 Eggs

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Essential Details about Our Recycled Egg Cartons

Crafted from sustainable, recycled pulp, our cartons are eco-friendly and designed for recycling.

  • Built to hold 12 eggs with a bi-fold design.

Print Details:

  • Top: Clear
  • Inside Lid: Clear
  • Front: Clear
  • Back: Contains FDA Safe Handling Guidelines, Barcode, & Producer's Details

Dimensions (All figures are approximated to the nearest 1/4 inch):

  • Suitable for small to extra-large chicken eggs (43-63g)
  • Overall Size (Length x Width): 11.75" x 4.00"
  • Individual Cell Size (Width x Height): 1.75" x 2.75"
  • Available Space for Labeling (Length x Width): 10.50" x 3.25"
  • Space between the tabs (Length): 2.75"
  • Weight of each carton: 1.80 ounces

Our Precision Measurement Approach:

Dive into the method we utilize to gauge our eco-friendly egg cartons.

Alternative Uses:

  • Aromatic Bath Bombs
  • Freshly-Baked Delights
  • Delicious Cupcakes
  • Serene Candles
  • And much more to explore!

By emphasizing proper storage, we ensure your eggs' safety and quality in our carefully designed cartons.

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